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Maxwell was incorporated under the name Maxwell Laboratories, Inc. in 1965. The Company made an initial public offering of common stock in 1983, and changed its name to Maxwell Technologies, Inc. in 1996. Today, we develop, manufacture and market energy storage and power delivery products for transportation, grid energy storage, wind energy storage, industrial and other applications. Our products are designed and manufactured to perform reliably with minimal maintenance for the life of the applications into which they are integrated. We believe that this “life-of-the-application” reliability gives our products a competitive advantage and enables them to command higher profit margins than commodity products. We focus on the following lines of high-reliability products and technologies:

Energy Storage: Ultracapacitors are energy storage devices that possess a unique combination of high power density, extremely long operational life and the ability to charge and discharge very rapidly. Our ultracapacitor cells, multi-cell packs, modules and subsystems provide highly reliable energy storage and power delivery solutions for applications in multiple industries, including automotive, rail and truck in transportation, as well as grid energy storage and renewable wind energy solutions. Our recently developed lithium-ion capacitors are energy storage devices with the power characteristics of an ultracapacitor combined with enhanced energy storage capacity approaching that of a battery. They are uniquely designed to address a variety of applications in the rail, grid, and industrial markets where energy density and weight are differentiating factors.

Dry Battery Electrode Technology: We believe our dry electrode technology has the potential to be a revolutionary technology within the battery industry with a substantial market opportunity, particularly for use in electric vehicles. By applying our proprietary and fundamental dry electrode manufacturing technology and trade secrets to batteries of varying chemistries, we believe we can create significant performance and cost benefits when compared with today’s state of the art wet electrode technology.

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January 16, 2019 Corporate Presentation – 21st Annual Needham Growth Conference
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